Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nature Study: Signs of Autumn

This week with a small break from the rain, we embarked on our first Fall walk outdoors. It was party sunny as we took a walk down our street and enjoyed the cool breeze.

We noticed some cumulus clouds overhead and some darker cumulus clouds not far so we knew that it was not long before it would rain. My oldest son was able to identify the clouds using the Field guide Cloud cards I made for him. As we took our walk we looked for signs of Autumn and found some interesting items.

We came across fallen acorns that had fallen from a Pin Oak tree in our area. We were to identify them from our previous study on leaf identification last Autumn.

We saw plenty of Red Tip Photinia (which grows year round here). They are a popular pick for gardeners in South Texas. My sons enjoyed the colors of the leaves. You can see variety of red in the leaves. They get their name from the red tipped leaves they have.

On our walk the boys and I noticed a large amount of Seed pods from these succulent plants. (We tried to identify them and I am not sure on the name yet). The pods hang on the top of the branches and the pods opens upwards towards the sky. When you pick one and shake it the seeds rattle inside.

We saw the branches ranging in height from two feet to six feet. We did not touch the seeds because we were not sure if it is was safe. As soon we are able to identify the seeds, we hope to plant them.

The clouds darker as we looked at more seed pods and before we knew it a dark storm clouds loomed overhead and as we walked home we got caught in the rain on our first day of Autumn. It was wonderful.

We printed out our Signs of Autumn notebooking page and the boys are working on them this evening. We are linking this post to the Handbook of Nature Study Blog's Outdoor Hour Challenge.
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